Monday, 8 July 2013

Task 1 (Refined): Term 3 Week 1: Chiang Kai Jie

Behaviour is the manner of how one conducts himself/herself. Behaviour can be an act and can be a body language, which can be influenced by other people or it can be naturally reacted. There are different degrees of behaviour, from courteous and elegant, to aggressive and offensive. Behaviour is also somewhat a habit we carry on ourselves and react with different circumstances. 

Connecting behaviour with school context, in school behaviour is often known as Code of Conduct. As there are many friends in school, there are students coming from different backgrounds, families and countries. The words that we used in school can be highly influenceable. But in many ways, these words can influence people the positive way, example: Learning to say thank you after someone finds your lost item. Or the restless way, example: bellowing hilarious vulgarities at one another. This cycle goes on and on. That’s why the school introduced the Character Education programme every Monday. This programme aims to nurture students to exhibit better attitude and mannerism. 

And sometimes I do wonder how if the school doesn’t polish our behavior and when we step out to the real world, and we carry our reckless attitude along!

Kai Jie

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