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This article tells us that studies and research proof that atechnology and social media such as texting increases, it creates a huger impact on the social behaviour and lifestyle of people of all ages. Popular social networking sites such as Facebook had 7 billion active users. Children are affected by the social media much more today than ever before. At younger and younger ages kids are learning to use tablets, computers, and cell phones, as they become more and more involved with the social media. With access to an internet that contains nearly anything you search, children are often exposed to media that contains violence, and hostility, which becomes a huge issue.


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This scholarly article is focusing on the relationship between teenagers and social media. 48 percent of kids surveyed believed they spent too much time on the Internet and 80 percent of their time online is spent on a social networking site. 51% of teens who have phones also use them as their main form of communication while 42% of teens who have social networking accounts use them as their main form of communication.

An interview was conducted with Larry Rosen, professor and past chair of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, is a social media researcher. He said that social media is both good and bad as it can help in developing someone's empathy, but at the same time, it can be a cause psychiatric disorders such as narcissism. Social media is also an open window for cyberbullying and online harassment, lower school grades and other negative effects.

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Social Networking Sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become a raging craze for everyone nowadays. The negative effects of these social networking sites overweigh the positive ones. These sites have caused some potential harm to society. The students become victims of social networks more often than anyone else. This is because of the reason that when they are studying or searching their course material online, they get attracted to these sites to kill the boredom in their study time, diverting their attention from their work. Other negative side effects of social networking websites include the following: reduced learning and research capabilities, multi-tasking when doing homework, reduction in real human contact, reducing command over language use age and creative writing skills, time wastage, low grades, lost of motivation in studying

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