Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Term 3 Week 8

1.  All members - Finalise your survey / interview questions and decide on your sample (who, how many etc).

2.  All members - To find at least ONE scholarly article on your research topic and upload to your team blog a summary or review of the article (about 1-2 paragraph).  Each summary must contain what the research is about, who is/ are being studied (sample), what is the method used (experiment?, survey? interview?), what are the findings of the research and are there any recommendations.
Complete this by Monday (26/8), 5 pm.

3.  Communications Manager - Set up the survey and email to me as your first respondent byMonday (26/8),  5 pm.  Also include in your email details of your sample (who, how many etc).

4.  Multimedia Manager - You're to do the tabs on your team blog and put in the resources where they belong by Tuesday (27/8), 5 pm.  Ensure that your video is also updated and uploaded.

5.  Research Specialist - You are to draft the write up for the methods section by Monday, 2 September.

6.  Project Manager -  Please update and tidy up your research justification based on the research questions and literature review (the summaries of articles) Monday, 2 September.

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